Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up and Stuffs 2

This weekend flew by for me, lots of shopping and preparing for the upcoming week. It was hotter than hell...again. Yes, I realize I live in the middle of the freakin' desert, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy the blazing heat during the summer. We have been under 'excessive heat warnings' for the last week and I am so over it. It has consistently been between 112° and 118° in the shade. That's not even the temp when you are actually in the sun. God help me.

Anyway, enough about that! Saturday morning Hubby decided to let me go shopping by myself so I could get it done faster and just get some alone time outside of the house. I have recently taken an interest in 'canning' so I wanted to get the supplies I would need to can my own pasta sauce. I'm also going to be making apple pie filling but that's a post for another day ;).

While I was out running around all day, I decided to stop by Sally's Beauty Supply to look for a mud masque I had seen on The Bargain Blonde. I haven't done a masque in a really long time, so I grabbed this up and at less than $5 it is totally doable.

When I was all done doing my running around, I came home and i couldn't wait to get showered and try this masque out. Of course, my daughter being the Princess she is had to try it out with me.

*Excuse the horrid picture. My daughter needs to get the concept of letting me pose before taking the pic ;)

On Sunday, I decided to bake some fresh bread. Hubby was at work and Princess was off at Mimi and Papa's house for their Sunday lunch date. I made two different kinds of bread and I totally forgot to snap a pic of the second kind. I made Beer Bread using a recipe a friend of mine sent me. Then I made zucchini bread. Both of them are so good!!

Before Princess had gone to my parents house on Sunday she asked if she could bring my little camera to take some pics while she was out. I told her she could and when she got home we uploaded the pics she had taken...this is what I saw...

And on that note, I think I will go stir my sauce and get things ready to start my lasagna for tonight's dinner!



  1. Love the pictures she is adorable! That bread looks so yummy!

  2. Hey! I’m your newest follower :) Please feel free to come by http://raisingastorm.blogspot.com and follow if you’d like! I look forward to keeping up with your future posts!

    - Alison

  3. Did you like the masque??? I love it! I haven't done it in forever though and I need to. I used to do it every Sunday. I'm slacking.

    Have a great week.



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