Monday, September 12, 2011

Back on the Wagon

I admit, I fell off the wagon. Last summer I had started doing Weight Watchers on my own and exercising. Then in January I officially joined WW and started going to meetings every Saturday morning. From August of last year til April of this year I dropped 52 lbs. I felt so good and I could tell a huge difference in how I looked and how my clothes fit. I had to wear smaller sizes but I just felt better. I had started taking a new picture every week after my WW meetings and I am going to share a before and after with you so you can see for yourself the progress I had made. I was riding a stationary bike for between 10 and 13 miles everyday and doing 45 minutes of yoga/strength training 5 days a week. Don't get me wrong, I know that 52 lbs is a big amount of weight to lose, but I still have a really REALLY long way to go. Then life started to get in the way and I had to stop going to meetings and then eventually stopped tracking my Points + on my food and then I stopped exercising. And now I have put on 10 lbs again since April. But I am ready to get back on track and continue on my journey.

In the spirit of getting back on the wagon, I have been doing a lot of baking and cooking. I want to eat less processed foods and more whole foods. I have once again started doing yoga and strength training, I'm working my way back up to where I was a few months ago. I am also going to be tracking my Points+ again. I can't go to meetings again yet, but there is no reason I can't track and exercise and get things back where they should be.
It's not easy, that's for sure. But I believe I am worth the hard work and so is my family as a whole. When I do better for myself, I in turn am doing better for my husband and daughter.

Have you lost a lot of weight? How did you do it and how do you keep yourself motivated and keep it off? I'd love to hear from you and maybe we could help keep each other motivated!

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  1. Good luck! I have been counting calories but am thinking about switching back to WW.


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