Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Stalkin' DayDreamin' Funny Friday!

Seriously I think I need a life. There are so many hops and things that I want to participate in on Friday's that I decided to do a few in one post just to save you all the annoyance of 87 different posts today, see how kind and thoughtful I am =) So, let's get right down to it shall we?

Blog Stalkin' brought to us by Destiny of Rockin Mama everyone should follow her, she is no nonsense in your face straight up. And she's hot. See, you should totally follow her!

Next up is Friday DayDreamin' brought to us by Becca from R We There Yet Mom? if you are looking for great travel tips and places to visit, this is the place you want to be. Becca and her family love to travel and she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with the rest of us! Definitely follow her and tell her I sent you!

My picture this week is from San Diego. I love Balboa Park and we try to go there whenever we visit my In-Laws. This is just outside the arboretum and there were little baby turtles sunning themselves all along the edges of the water. It was so cute!

And last but not least is Friday Funnies brought to us by Rachel from Because I Have To. I love this one for the simple reason that I totally agree with her that by Friday we all need to laugh so let's post something hilarious to share and we can all get a laugh!

This is my Boxer baby, Summer showing the broom who's boss. She cracks me up!!



  1. That's hilarious! Thanks for linking up hooker!

  2. Love the Balboa Park pic. We went to San Diego for the first time during Christmas holidays last year and it poured rain when we went to Balboa - I had no idea that it could rain like that in sunny Southern California!

  3. Awe! Thanks for the Shout out love!!!

    And what a GORGEOUS picture!!!! I would love to go there someday!!



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