Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Buzz About Me...

Post 2 for today, The Buzz About Me hosted by Rebecca over at From Mommy to Calm Insanity.

The Rules:
1. Write a post with your answers provided to each week's questions
2. Place the button in your post so others can find this link back
3. Have fun and come back every week

This Weeks Questions:

1. Have you ever quit a bad habit? I used to bite my nails and now I don't ;)

2. What is the most unique or exotic animal you have owned? uh, none? I'm not big on animals so dogs and cats are about exotic and unique as I get! haha

3. What kind of computer do you use? HP

4. What was/will be the color scheme at your wedding? The color scheme we had was silver and periwinkle

5. What was the last song you heard? Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

6. What is the city/town you live in most famous for? Sheriff Joe and SB1070. Both politics and I won't go into detail about my views on them but that is what we are most known for lately.

7. What kind of person were you in high school? Ah, I was home schooled in high school so I don't think I was really any 'type' of person

8. What is your lucky number? I seriously don't think I have a lucky that bad? Maybe that's why my luck is so crappy sometimes! haha

9. If you had to go 30 days eating only one thing, what would you choose to eat? pizza. I love me some pizza.

10. What is your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? I don't really do bath and body works stuff, but I do like the warm vanilla sugar scrub

Phew, two down...



  1. Silver and periwinkle sounds pretty!

  2. I really love the vanilla brown sugar scent. I used to have that in everything at one point. I love my pizza too. I could eat that for the rest of my life! Ugh, I hear ya on politics... its an argument I find myself in so i don't even start it up anymore. I keep my mouth shut now


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