Sunday, September 4, 2011

Date Night at Home

You know how people always say how important it is to go on dates with your spouse, especially once you have kids. Well sometimes that is just not an option for a variety of reasons. Either you can't get a sitter, or money is tight or someone is sick or whatever. For us, we don't get a chance to go out on dates very often, but we try to have dates at home after Princess is asleep. I know we aren't the only couple who gets in ruts of just sitting around in your pj's after you put the kids to bed and channel surfing or going online to kill time before bed. ..right? Let's just pretend you agreed that I am not alone in this!

Hubby and I like to smoke cigars. Not an everyday type of thing, but for us we will enjoy a cigar a couple of times a month. I really enjoy wine, but Hubby is more of a Jack and Coke type guy. Occasionally he will have a glass of wine with me though, especially if its a Moscato! Yum! Anyway, last night we decided to have a little date after Princess was down for the count so we grabbed a bottle of wine, a couple of good cigars and headed to the backyard.

After we bring everything outside, we turn on the 'twinkle' lights in the backyard and just sit and chill. We talk about things we want to do in the future or fun things we have done in the past. We have a rule that we don't talk about kids or problems or anything that would ruin the moment. This is our time to just enjoy being a couple without all the other distractions of daily life as parents and partners. If there is something specific that we are having issues with we will schedule a time that is just the two of us to work through that is not a 'date'. We have found that really invaluable to make our dates OUR time.

What do you do for at home date nights? Goodness knows we could use some ideas for something new to do when we can't get away for a date night and find ourselves at home for a date. C'mon, fess up! Help a sister out!



  1. I really like your post because Its something that will and I do also. I'm a huge wine fan also but wills a beer type of guy so we usually pull out scrabble and try to just have a good time :)

  2. So sweet. Glad you guys do this. Me and the hubs need to do this more often.

  3. Sometimes, the best 'date nights' are the ones where you don't leave the house. Sometimes they aren't planned & you're still in your jammies. As long as you have that chance to connect, just the two of you, without the kids or errands or whatever else on your mind, things will be good. It reminds you of what it was like in the beginning and it makes those magical moments from the past appear in your present.

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