Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Day Dreamin'

I found a great new link up, really makes me wanna go on NOW! Friday DayDreamin' brought to us by Becca at R We There Yet Mom?...

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We try to take one or two road trips to Southern California every year to visit my inlaws. In 2009 we went over and on one of our trips to the beach we were walking along the pier in Oceanside and came upon this sign next to a ginormous bird. It seriously made us all laugh out loud!



  1. That is hilarious! I bet stupid people are the only ones that stick their hands near the bird! lol

    Stopping by via Friday Daydreamin'!

  2. It's sad when you have to put such OBVIOUS signs up....but it makes for a GREAT laugh!

    Thanks so much for linking & telling others about it!

    Happy Labor Day!


  3. Oh Lord that's super great. I wonder who didn't listen to the sign.

  4. lol, stupid people deserve to get bitten. Nice sign!

  5. Sad that it takes a sign to let people know they should not touch wild animals. but hilarious none the less!

  6. I found the sign particularly funny as we were in Mykonos a couple of weeks ago and watched a pelican repeatedly try and bite the people that were trying to get close to it to take a picture. We got our picture but kept our distance! :)


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