Friday, September 2, 2011

True Life: I'm a Food Blogger

It's week 5 of the True Life: I'm a {fill in the blank} blogger! This week's subject is FOOD! Head over to Fabulous But Evil or Mrs Monologue's to link up if you are a food blogger.

When I first got married, I wanted to be that wife who made all these amazing meals for my Hubby and have him rave about my cooking. I tried, I really tried. But it so didn't happen that way. First off, I got pregnant right on the honeymoon! HA! So I was down for the count pretty much for a few months after we got married. Hubby did most of the cooking and he enjoyed it. I didn't complain. Then as things settled down with the pregnancy and I felt better I started to cook more. Eventually I took over the majority of the cooking. I will never forget the first time I made lasagna for Hubby. It was a disaster. I had found this recipe in a cookbook I had gotten and let's just say...Hubby would have done well to lie to me after tasting it. Since then I have become a considerably better cook, lucky for him ;). I have redeemed myself with a good old fashioned lasagna and lots of other recipes.

I made an awesome homemade bread the other day. I made a pork roast with mango salsa a couple of weeks ago. One of my favorite restaurants in Phoenix is Carolina's, they make the best chimichanga's ever. Lots and lots of menu planning. These are just a few of my food posts, I have started canning and baking a lot more since my daughter started 1st grade...I need something to fill my days! So there will be lots more food related posts coming up as I take you through my misadventures in canning, baking and cooking.


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  1. i am the worst cook ever. maybe i should practice more! haha! thanks for linking up!


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