Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Notes

I love my Hubby, he is not a traditional romantic type but he is better than most people I know about using his words and actions to convey his love. Almost to the point of being annoying. lol. When we are arguing he will say 'oh mama, I love you'. That is kind of like the 'Bless your heart' that you hear in the south. It annoys me to no end when he says it when we argue, which isn't often, but still. In everyday life, he works so hard to provide for us and he works 2 full time jobs. Even with working that much, he makes time at least 3-4 times a day to either text me or call just to say 'I love you'.

I don't use my desktop computer very often anymore, but the other night I sat down at my desk and moved my keyboard and found this note tucked under it...

Back off girls, this one is taken! I ♥ him!



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