Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OneHope Wine and a Recipe!

Ok, so first off I just have to say, if you haven't checked out Klout yet, you are missing out! The higher your Klout score the more awesome the perks you qualify for! One of the perks I have qualified for and taken advantage of is a FREE bottle of wine! Yes ladies, I said FREE! All I had to pay was shipping and I got a $20 bottle of wine from OneHopeWine. This company is awesome, they donate a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of wine to charities. The charities they donate to are based on the type of wine you choose. Plus, you can also select an additional charity they will donate a smaller portion to. I got my bottle from the UPS man the other night and finally opened it with dinner last night. I had chosen a Zinfandel. I typically like white wines, the more sweet tasting the better. However, this Zin is amazing. It has a lovely aroma and the taste is not dry and bitter at all.

To go along with this awesome bottle of wine, I decided to make a pesto pasta with chicken, garlic and spinach topped with fresh parmesan cheese. This is one of my favorite meals, so easy and super delicious!

Cook the chicken in some extra virgin olive oil with garlic and pour some of the pesto sauce over them in the skillet

Add in the cooked noodles and chopped up chicken back in with the rest of the pesto sauce, then add the spinach and parmesan at the very end

Serve with a fantastic wine and you are ready to dig in!




  1. Oh my gosh that looks so delicious!!! A free bottle of wine is AMAZING!!! Yummy!! So jealous of your fantastic looking meal!!

    Xoxo, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  2. Wow looks like you had an amazing meal:)


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