Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Target Tuesday

Hooray, we made it through the long Labor Day weekend with only minor injuries. Yesterday morning, Princess and I were making our breakfast. She turned to go put her cereal box back in the pantry and tripped over the dog and flew across the kitchen crashing into the trash and recycle cans. She landed on her knee which is now a pretty blue/purple color and she has two big cuts on her lips. Her lips were so swollen yesterday it was unreal. After some TLC and ice on them the swelling went down. When I look at her knee or her lip my tummy does flip flops and my bones hurt. This happens whenever she or Hubby are physically hurt. I literally hurt to my bones. So anyway, I am happy to be back on the normal week day schedule today so I can get some things done around here. But first, its time Target Tuesday brought to us by Tara at Fabulous But Evil!

Here's the deal, anything you are loving at Target - post a picture of it! That's it, simple enough right?! Go link up when you are done and leave some comment love.

I have always been a Canon camera kind of girl...until I got a hold of a friends Nikon. I have to admit if I had the cash laying around this is what I would get...

Ah, well, I can always dream!



  1. Would love one of those camera's - wish I had 100's to shell for it!!!

  2. oh yeahh.. i'm totally dreaming about that camera too!


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