Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Wow, what a busy weekend it has been so far! Friday night a few of my girlfriends were going out to a comedy club and had asked me to join them but Hubby was working and we already had plans for early Saturday so I said I didn't think I would be coming. Then about 10 minutes after Hubby got home, my friend J texted and was like I am picking you up in 20 minutes so be ready! Ack! So I talked to Hubby and he told me to go and have fun. I rushed around like crazy to get ready and was still doing my hair when she got here. She even picked me up in the big truck instead of the minivan so we were feeling pretty sassy. We got to this little local bar up the street from my house and met up with our other two friends who were there and had a few drinks and listened to the lineup of comics for a few hours. It was a lot of fun! Then when J was dropping me off we decided to have a cigar on the back patio before she headed home. It was after 2 when I got to sleep finally and next thing I know, Hubby is waking me up at 630 so I can get ready for our morning out.

Hubby is from Iowa, I'm sure I've mentioned it a time or two...anyway, there is a club that he has joined out here called the Phoenix-Iowa Club. Basically it is a club for anyone who is from Iowa now living in the Phoenix area. They are an official fan club of the University of Iowa and they host watching parties for the Hawkeyes football games at a local bar here called Sandbar. Our first time going was last Saturday for the Iowa-Iowa St game. There were probably about 400-500 people at the party. It was crazy!

It is a family friendly event and even Princess had a fab time. So we decided to go again yesterday. Sandbar opens a couple of hours early on game day so that everyone can get a seat and they offer special Hawkeye breakfast's. The Phx-I Club has shirts and hats and all sorts of other cool stuff and all the money goes to a scholarship program that they have. Princess really wanted one of the tank tops and she decided to bring her allowance that she's been saving up and bought herself one.

We had a really fun time again and bonus this week Iowa came back from behind and beat Pitt!

After that we went grocery shopping and ran a few errands. After a while we came home and rested up a bit then Princess went over to Mimi and Papa's house for a sleepover. Hubby made me a delicious dinner of langisteno (lobster) in a butter/garlic sauce with noodles and spinach. It was sooo good!!

After we ate and watched some of the Sooners-Seminole game we went and got a bottle of wine and came back home and headed out to the back patio to smoke a nice cigar and have a drink. Just relax after the crazy busy day. Before we went to bed we watched Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway, it was ok. Not as good as I thought it would be, but that's ok. So, now we are finally getting to just relax today and watch some NFL.

What did you do this weekend?