Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mom Owned Business Spotlight: Bella & Bruiser

I am so excited to introduce all of you to my friend Sabrina. We met a long time ago in our early 20's and lost touch for a while but we have reconnected recently and she has an amazing kids clothing line that she designs and creates all herself! Sabrina's company Bella & Bruiser is my first Mom Owned Business Spotlight!

Bella & Bruiser Owner, Sabrina Thompson


Hi everyone! I am so excited for this opportunity to introduce you to my company, Bella & Bruiser! First off, let me tell you about me. I am a valley native. I graduated from Chaparral High School, got my AA from SCC, and attended ASU where I majored in child psychology. While at ASU I decided that what I really wanted to do was NOT be a “kid shrink”… So I made a major life change and worked as a market analyst for a real estate company. I spent two years with that company before I made another major life decision and quit my job to co-own a resale baby boutique with my mom. It was during this time that I found that I really wanted to design children’s clothing. My grandmother was an avid seamstress and generally crafty lady. When I was in high school she had bought me a sewing machine and taught me some basics, but I didn’t really begin sewing until my second son was born. I taught myself and was on the phone with my grandmother frequently asking about what a yolk was or how to sew a dart. In an almost karmic twist of fate about a month after my grandmother passed away I was at the store and grabbed a New Times when an ad for a new program for fashion design slipped out. I enrolled in the program and studied fashion design and visual merchandising. I maintained a 3.85 GPA and made Presidents List while being a mom and running my business. I am now diligently working on my business and recently was picked up by a boutique in North Carolina!

I am the mastermind behind Bella & Bruiser. In fact, I am the designer, pattern drafter, seamstress, head of marketing, get the point right? I am also the mom of three children which is how I got the idea to start this lil biz. When I was pregnant with my second son I wanted to find COOL clothes for him. The dogs, bears, baseballs, and sport bodysuits and rompers were not appealing. So I dug out, and dusted off, a Brother sewing machine my grandmother had given me years before. My grandmother was a fantastic seamstress. With her help and a lot of trial and error I began making some clothes and burp cloths. I began to learn how to read and use patterns...and I was hooked! When my niece came along I was a sewing fool. I made her dresses and a reversible Green Day diaper bag for my sister. I continued to make clothing and other items for my family until about 6 months after my daughter was born. It was then that I started my Etsy page and began to attend craft shows, as a vendor and not a shopper. At the craft shows I was able to talk to people and I found that there were other people that wanted cool stuff for their kids and couldn't find it. I began to develop some patterns and stashing awesome fabrics. I went to fashion design school to hone my skill. I am dedicated to making awesome, affordable, unique, upcycled clothing for babies and kids.

The trend of upcycling and green clothing is on the rise and I am doing my part by upcycling necktie, pajamas, T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, jeans, you name it! If it is fabric and awesome I will upcycle it :) I even save every scrap for future projects (I'm a fabric hoarder) I have spent years collecting fabrics so much of what I make is completely unique. I have a distinctive style and my love of pop culture and the 50's gives my designs a one of a kind flair. Every item is created with love and care like it was for my own kiddo...because they often are.

The interwebs is a foreign land to me and the workings of a website and social media is a huge learning curve for me. Here are all the places you can find Bella&Bruiser online:

B&B Blog


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