Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend ticked off the calendar...I can't believe it's almost Halloween!

Princess had a playdate on Friday after school, it was a half day due to parent/teacher conferences so her BFF - N came over to play for a few hours. The two of them met in kindergarten last year they were in the same class. They met the first week of school and were pretty much inseparable the whole year. When we found out N was in the other 1st grade class this year and not in her class she was a bit upset, but we talked about it and came up with a plan that she was ok with. They play at lunch and more often than not, once a week we do play dates either at his house or ours. Anyway, they are so funny together. The male/female dynamic has been so evident from day one. If she cries about something, N apologizes and begs her to not cry and promises to never do whatever it was he did again. LOL! One time, they were playing Wii and it was her turn...well N was cheering for her to do well and she stops and glares at him and says 'will you just stop talking, I can't concentrate!' I started cracking up because I have said those exact words to her father!

So they played Connect 4...not without tears and arguing...and eventually begging and promises to never beat her at anything again hahahha

Then they played Chutes and Ladders, but that didn't last very long before they got bored and wanted to play something else. So we got Sorry out. That didn't last much longer so we put that away too.

They ended the afternoon with drawing, thankfully there weren't anymore arguments or tears! After N went home, Hubby got home from work and brought home pizza. It also happened to be BFF night. Now, BFF night is usually on Tuesday but I wasn't feeling well on Tuesday so we decided to do Friday this week. Cat (BFF) got to my house shortly after Hubby so we all sat down to dinner. Usually when Cat comes over we have dinner and watch Biggest Loser and since its a school night we never go out. Since Hubby was home and it was a weekend, Cat and I decided to go out shopping after dinner. What a treat! We haven't done that in ages. She and I have been doing BFF night literally for 12 years or so. Once a week we hang out. Before I was married and had Princess, we would meet out somewhere..dinner, the mall, a movie or we would alternate going to her place or mine. Ever since I got married though she has been coming to my place and in those almost 8 years we have only gone out maybe 10 times.

I needed to get some new makeup and had decided to try the E.L.F. Studio products so we headed to Target and I picked up some foundation, powder, concealer, mascara and a couple of brushes. I tried the $1 E.L.F. line a few years ago and didn't like it, it irritated my skin and just felt yucky on my face. So I have been hesitant to try it again, but I have read some great reviews on the Studio line so I decided to try it...and really, for $3 how can you go wrong? If you follow my blog you know that I normally use LORAC tinted moisturizer from Sephora which runs more than $25 per tube. Granted it lasts me a while, that is still a lot of money to spend on makeup during these trying financial times. I also picked up a Hard Candy shadow to try from Walmart.

Once we got home (3 hours later!) I decided to start cleaning out my makeup bags and drawers. Let me just tell you, I had a crap load of makeup that needed to be thrown out. Anyway, here is what my bathroom counter looks like with my brushes and three drawer organizer for some of my makeup stuff. Things I keep in the three drawer thing are pencil sharpeners for my eyeliners, sponges, makeup pads, brush shampoo to clean my brushes, hair scissors and clips.

After I was done with my drawers and stuff I went through my hanging makeup bags. These used to be jam packed full of products and honestly I didn't even use half of them. So anything I don't use or was old I got rid of and this is how everything looks now. All nice and pretty again!

This last picture is just of my gorgeous face on Saturday using the new E.L.F. Studio line, I didn't use any of my expensive products and I think it looks just as good as if I had used the expensive products. My skin felt fine and I didn't have any irritation by the end of the night. I typically have uber sensitive eyes and have to use a special mascara that costs $25 a tube but I tried the E.L.F. one and had no problems. I am so sold on this stuff!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!



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