Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day Five


Day Five

Friends. I am so thankful that we have great friends in our lives. When my daughter was little, I joined a 'mommy group' to try and make friends for both of us and boy did I ever. I have an amazing core group of girlfriends that I know will have my back. With that came friends for Princess and bonus, friends for Hubby. I know that just because I'm friends with these women, doesn't mean all the kids and husbands will necessarily be friends. But, lucky for us most of the kids and hubbies get along and enjoy hanging out. Us women get together monthly for Mom's Night Out or Mom's Night In the kids get together for bday parties and playdates and the husbands get together for what us women love to call 'man dates'. They go shooting, to play pool, to the arcade, just out for drinks, to watch UFC fights...We get together as families for all sorts of events and celebrations. We have certain families we are closer to of course, and we get together frequently for family nights to just have dinner and hang out.

We did this last night with some good friends. They have 3 kids so we usually end up going to their place since its easier to keep 4 kids entertained at their place than it would be at ours. We had dinner and drinks. The guys went off and did their thing while the kids watched a movie and played and us girls played with makeup. Then all the adults went and sat out by the fire in the back yard to smoke a cigar and have some wine. I love those types of nights. Just good friends, food and family time. I am grateful for all of our friends, they enrich our lives and just make everything more fun!


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