Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day Four


Day Four

My home. I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to live in a beautiful, spacious home in a wonderful neighborhood that is safe and friendly. We moved into this house 3 years ago, it is my Grandma's house. We moved in to help take care of her and the house because she wasn't able to live on her own anymore. I am thankful to have had that opportunity as well, it taught me a lot about her and helped to heal what had been a lifetime of hurts and disappointments in our relationship. A few days before she died she was being moved from the group home she had been moved to into a Hospice of the Valley PCU (palliative care unit) for her final hours and we all gathered around her at the group home. She was unresponsive for the most part and couldn't talk at all. Her eyes were open and we all took turns sitting near her talking to her and brushing her hair or rubbing her hands. She made a sound that sounded like my name so I went and held her hand and we made eye contact and in those moments I knew she was communicating to me what she had never been able to verbalize and there was forgiveness on both of our parts and love. If we had not moved in here to take care of her and the house I don't believe that moment would have ever happened.


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