Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day Ten


Day Ten

Great teachers.

I have been blessed with fabulous teachers for my daughter so far. In kindergarten Princess had Mrs. P and she was the best. When kindergarten was over I thought there is no way her 1st grade teacher will be as good as Mrs. P and lucky for me I was wrong. The funny thing is that Mrs. P and Ms. G are bff's so that set me at ease more than anything else. I just hope we get as lucky with her teachers every year!

Thank you Mrs. P and Ms. G for teaching my daughter and helping to nurture her love of school and learning!!


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  1. i LOVE this. majority of my of my work experience is in education and let me tell you, it is so NICE and REFRESHING to have someone who appreciates their teachers. it is so very rare!


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