Wednesday, November 30, 2011

40 By 40

Today is my birthday, and in honor of that I am going to post my 40 by 40 list. I have seen a few bloggers with lists of 30 by 30 and things like that so I decided to do one but mine is 40 by 40.  It scares me that I am close enough to 40 to have this list! haha

40 By 40

*These are in no particular order, just things I would like to do or see by the time I am 40 (in 5 years!GAH!)

Get completely out of debt! We are well on our way, just finished paying off one credit card and another will be paid off around tax return time.  

Get healthy and fit and maintain it!

Move to Mt Vernon IA

Visit every state in the Western US (CA, OR, WA, NV, UT, WY, MT, ID, CO) (we won't count AZ since we live here!)

Build up a healthy savings account (meaning more than 6 months worth of living expenses)

Continue working on my family ancestry, go as far back as I can.  Figure out exactly how I am related to a hockey legend!

Read all of the classics I should have read while in high school 

Upgrade all of my camera gear

Open a small business that will generate enough income to buy a new car

Get family photos taken yearly (we haven't had a professional family photo taken since Princess was 18 months old!)

Renew my wedding vows with Hubby ♥

Update our furniture.  I want all brand new items that we have picked out - no more hand me downs.

Put Princess in ballet and a music class

Get the matching tattoo's with hubby that we've been planning

Go on a couples only vacation with the hubby

Take Princess to her first ever concert (I'm thinking Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez or dare I say it, Bieber)

Take a cooking class

Go to a big blogging conference (Blogher, get the idea)

Write a book.

Print and scrapbook important photos from the last 10 years that include wedding, pregnancy, childbirth, family life, vacations.

Train for and complete a marathon in 4 hours or less

Learn to dance (ballroom, salsa)

Learn to knit.

Plan, implement and reap the rewards of a successful garden!

Take a girls only trip with Princess 

Take a family trip to Connecticut to show Princess and Hubby where I am originally from.

Take a cruise with the family

Get my teeth fixed

Finish getting all the piercings I want (industrial, nipples done...again)

Take a trip to New Orleans

Take a trip to New York City

Travel somewhere that I will need a passport to get there

Go to a Red Wings game in Joe Louis Arena

Take 2-3 small vacations a year

Provide a nice Christmas for a family in need

Donate $5000 to either American Cancer Society or Hospice of the Valley ( or $2500 a piece for each of them )

Help pay the bills so Hubby can go back to school for his medic

Get skin removal surgery after I lose the weight I need to lose

Go to Hawaii on vacation

Read 500 books by my 40th birthday!!

And there you have it! Now I will save this list so I can start marking things off and making all these things reality. Why don't you make your own list and let's help encourage each other to reach achieve our dreams!


  1. When you make it to OREGON, let me know!! I love your list:)

  2. Happy Birthday! Those are great things to wanna do. You should think of traveling east! Atlanta is pretty cool if you know where to go. I could be a awesome tour guild!

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  4. Happy birthday!!! :) this is a great list! I need to do a 30 before 30 list!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I'm compiling a list like this as well, 25 before 25. I really like this idea.

  6. I love the idea of reading 500 books before 40. Don't worry about 40. I am finding it to be a great decade.


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