Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer...

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We watch Christmas movies all year long...don't judge, we just love Christmas! So I thought that now that we are so close to Christmas I would share my top 5 Christmas movies! If you haven't seen any of these you are missing out, go run to Target and grab them up!!

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Elf is by far my favorite Christmas movie, it never ceases to put me in a good mood. I mean, how can you be in a bad mood with Buddy the Elf?!

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Oh my gosh, The Holiday. I could watch this movie over and over and over. And yes, I may have watched this movie every single night while waiting for Hubby to get off work when he worked mid-shift.

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Oh White Christmas, how can you have a favorite list of Christmas movies and not include White Christmas? ♥

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The Santa Clause! This was the very first movie we ever took Princess to in the theater. We love all three movies, but I gotta say Jack Frost annoys me with his naughty behavior! haha

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The Polar Express just makes me want to snuggle up with my baby girl and drink hot chocolate while we watch.

Hubby and I love the Home Alone movies but we haven't let Princess watch them yet. Maybe next year so for now, Hubby and I watch these after Princess goes to bed.

What are your favorite holiday movies? Leave me a comment with your favorites, I'm always looking for great movies!



  1. These are all of my favorite holiday movies!!! The cards that I had made for my blog holiday card mailing are elf themed. Make sure to sign up so I can send you some elf cheer!

  2. I love Christmas movie. My all time favorite of A Christmas Story. Love that they play it 24 hours on Christmas.

  3. I have a similar post scheduled...I have never seen White Christmas or The Holiday. And Elf by far takes the prize as one of the best.

  4. I have already watched 4 of these so far this month. I really need to pull out It's a wonderful life!


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