Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Well, it's happened. My beautiful baby girl has turned seven! ACK! Where have the years gone? I just don't understand how the time goes so fast. One minute we were in the hospital and the doctor announced to me, ' Congratulations, It's a GIRL!' to which I responded, 'it's a WHAT?!'...

See, I had four ultrasounds when I was pregnant and all four they told me 80% sure it's a BOY. So, guess what we did. We painted the room blue, with firetrucks and dalmatians all over it. I had all the boy clothes and of course washed them all. We had been talking to the baby and calling 'him' by the boy name we had picked out (Colin Stephen) the whole pregnancy. So when the doctor said to me Congrats it's a GIRL I was pretty surprised! hahaha. Lucky for us, we picked out a boy and a girl name when I first found out I was pregnant so the baby went from being Colin Stephen to Hannah Elizabeth.

My daughter is an amazing person. She is beautiful, caring, loving, intelligent, generous, hilarious and my life is fuller because of her. She is just like me in attitude and is full of sass that will serve her well as an adult but can be frustrating for her parents to deal with! LOL

This year we had a crazy busy weekend full of festivities. It all started Friday morning with us bringing cupcakes to her class for them to celebrate her birthday. Saturday we had two parties. My nieces birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so my brother and SIL had B's party yesterday afternoon. Hannah and I went to that while Hubby was stuck at work. Then Hannah and I had to rush home, but we were able to pick Hubby up from work (he got off early, yay!). We had some last minute stuff to take care of before family and friends were to come over for a bbq.

After a fun filled night with friends and family and food and cake and presents it was time to crash! Today was Hannah's actual birthday. She slept in (thank God!) and then had asked Hubby to make a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy and sausage. So he got to work on that and we snuggled. After breakfast we just kind of lounged around the house and opened some of her gifts and she wanted to use the new easel and paints/brushes we got her.

We all pitched in to help clean up the house from last nights party, it went pretty quickly since the mess was contained to the toy room. And when I say mess, that is the understatement of the century.

Everything is back in order except the toy room. That's gonna take a while. lol. I'm ok with it though. I told the kids as long as that is the only room that was trashed I won't complain. haha

After we cleaned the house, Hubby had to do an oil change on the car so Hannah and I went and had some girl time. She showered then we did a face mask and mani/pedi's.

Shortly after that it was time to head out to Peter Piper Pizza for the second and last birthday party of the weekend for her. I had told her she could invite her 2 best friends from school, T and M. So the three of them and their parents came to PPP to celebrate with us as well as Aunt Cat (one of my BFF's).

And now, we are done for another year. Mama and her baby girl. I love you my sweet baby girl ♥



  1. How sweet. Happy birthday to her. You know, when my ex-friend told me the story of how her mom was pregnant with her, everyone told her she was having a boy and come to find out, she came out a girl... its not uncommon that happens. Thats why I was nervous and just told people "they told us it was a girl" but I had everything neutral just in case. But I hope she had a fantastic birthday

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! Looks and sounds like you all had a great weekend. all I can say about that toy room! And love the picture of her eating breakfast, such a cute facial expression.


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