Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 3 Beauty Products

I am always searching for beauty products that will help my skin keep that youthful glow ;). The older I get I am finding my skin changing again and needing to change up my skin care routine or just the products that I have been using. I recently found Kandee, a makeup artist in L.A. who has worked on movies and tv shows. She does vlogs about her favorite products and makeup tutorials and all kinds of fun stuff. One of the vlogs I watched was of her nighttime skincare routine. And I decided to try a couple of the items she uses, boy am I glad I did!!

Peach Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub

Kandee uses a different scrub, but I found this one and I love it! My face feels so soft and smooth after I use this scrub. I haven't had as many breakouts since I started using this product either and that is fantastic. Nothing worse than being a 35 year old woman with an acne problem like a teenager!

Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly

I got this product at Whole Foods, I think it was like $6.50 for a tube. I use this at night after I have cleaned my face with a baby wipe, no joke! After the baby wipe, I use witch hazel to get anything left behind from the wipe and then I slather on this un-petroleum jelly. It feels REALLY weird at first and does take some getting used to having this thick layer of jelly on your face. But if you can get past that and sleep with it on your skin will feel plump and amazing in the morning! I was really surprised I gotta say. LOL. I thought man, Kandee has got to be out of her mind - no way will this really make that big of a difference. But I have been using it for over a week and the difference in my skin is amazing.

Witch Hazel

Again, something that I didn't think would make that big of a difference really has made a huge impact. My skin feels tighter and looks so much more clear when I use all of these products together.

The best thing is that all of these products are so much cheaper than what I had been using!! Like a lot cheaper, so I am getting bigger benefits for less cash and that rocks in my book.



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