Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day - Part 3

We made it through another Christmas folks! Hooray! I just can't get over how fast the years are going, especially now that I have a child. It amazes me that she is already 7 years old. It's a lot more fun to celebrate holidays with her, she makes everything so much more fun!

She completely missed the whole laptop and ipod on the table that Santa left for her...

And went straight to the unicorn on a stick that she had asked Santa for last year but didn't get

Then she gave me this face when she opened the obligatory socks and undies!

These were one of my gifts, diamond and pearl earrings

This is the hole in my ceiling from the champagne cork shooting out of the bottle. We had no idea where it went either! lol

Brunch isn't brunch without mimosa's!

Well, that was our Christmas. It was wonderful and we were reminded of just how blessed we truly are once again. Now it's time to start the cleanup and packing all the Christmas decor away til next year. I'm really looking forward to New Year's Eve and 2012! I have big plans and I can't wait to get started!

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  1. I love Hannah's face with the socks/undies, HA!!


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