Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Part 2

In my family, we have a couple of hero's...you probably know them as firefighters or emt's. People in EMS, you know the people who rush to save other people whether it be from a burning building or who've been in a serious accident or seriously ill. Both my hubby and my baby brother are EMT's/Firefighters. This means that they are usually working on the major holidays so we have had to adjust our family rituals of when we celebrate holidays. Luckily if they work the major holidays one year, they usually get them off the next year. This year happened to be the year they had most of them off. My hubby did have to work on Christmas Eve which to me is just as important for family traditions as Christmas Day. Fortunately the ER wasn't busy and they were fully staffed which means if anyone was working on OT (which Hubby was) they get sent home first if they don't need them. So hubby was sent home around 430 on Christmas Eve, hooray!

I woke up Christmas Eve morning to a snuggly 7 year old in my bed...

We always let Hannah open her pair of Christmas jammie's on Christmas Eve before we go out and look at Christmas lights. This year she got Hello Kitty footy jammie's! Too cute.

We stop by a QT and get some hot cocoa...And then we are off to search the Valley for the biggest and best Christmas lights displays! We found quite a few this year...

Hannah and Summer all snuggly

They really do love each other ♥

Summer ♥'s her new bed, that was her Christmas present!

Christmas Eve nacho's, rum and pepsi and White Christmas on the TV!

Finally, the tree all lit up and present all wrapped and under the tree. Time for Mama and Daddy to go to bed...

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