Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitz and Glam Swap Reveal

So, remember how I said that I had been a bit of a swappin' fool the last couple of months? Yeah, well here is the proof! This is the 4th swap I took part in since October! Hubby says I am officially on restriction from entering any more swaps, for at least 2 months. lol

The always gorgeous and hilarious Lindsay and Raven decided to host a Glitz and Glam, if you know me at all, you know that Glitz and Glam is totally my thing. I was so excited to see who I was going to be partnered with! I got my email saying I was partnered with Allison who is a sweetheart and it was off to the races. I couldn't wait to get to know her a little to see what I could get for her that she would love. Allison is a newlywed with a love for Purple. I can so totally work with this!

I got her some great stuff and was so excited to get it sent off to her. Then it was the week of my birthday and she told me that my package should be getting to me right around my birthday. I waited patiently anxiously for the post man to bring me a package and the day after my birthday it came!

Now, I must say for someone who didn't know me very well Allison totally 'gets me'! In my package I got:

Kaluha coffee (YUM)
Almond Joy ( I don't remember telling her this was my favorite candy, but maybe I did...either way, uhm YUMMY!)
Star socks (so cute!)
pen with sparkles!
C post it's (how cute is that?!)
C ornament/decor (LOVE!)
Big black sparkle earrings (my new fav pair of earrings, BTW!)
Christmas themed kitchen towels - adorbs!
lip gloss (hello, lover!)
nail stuff ( I had been wanting to try these so I'm excited to do that now! Love the zebra print too!)and last but not least,
Naughty coasters (amazeballs!! So freakin love those! haha)

So, to Allison, thank you so much girl! You rocked it! And to Lindsay and Raven, you girls rock for hosting such a fun awesome swap!!


  1. Whoa! She really spoiled you! LOVE that 'C' ornament! Happy Blog SwAP!

  2. Holla!!! You got great stuff. I have not seen those sparkle post its!!!!!!!! Those are so cute and those naughty coasters are amazing. I need them!!!!! You got a great partner!!

    Thanks for participating with us!


  3. kahlua coffee! score! You got awesome stuff! and those earrings are pretty cool also. the kitchen towels, the adorable socks! I love it all! Thanks so much for swapping with us!!

  4. Cute blog! New follower:) Love the elf lip gloss!

  5. Great box! I love the lip gloss trio.

  6. Dude she hooked you up! Found your blog from the swap. Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast. Loving your cute blog!


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