Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heard At My House

These are actual conversations I have had or overheard at my house this week. You can't make this sh!t up! Literally in some cases!

Friend: why do ppl have green poop?
Me: what in the world?
Me: are you just asking in general?
Friend: uhm yeah
Me: things you eat can turn it different colors
Me: like different colored yogurts or things with a lot of food coloring
Friend: T says he has to go poop but it is like wet farts but green
Friend: normal after alot of dairy maybe?
Me: could be
Friend: that is so not helpful lol
Me: lol
Me: sorry
Friend: i dunno if I should be worried or not
Me: I would say not
Me: its normal to have poop be different colors sometimes. If its ALL the time then probably not so normal
Friend: yeah it is watery too
Me: ...

Scene: Bedtime, Hannah has brushed her teeth and is in bed. Daddy is going to read to her and snuggle for a bit. I'm in the living room on the laptop and all of the sudden I hear...

Hannah: Summer lay down it's time for Daddy to read to us (Summer is the dog btw)
Hannah: Summer, I said lay down!
Hannah: SUMMER!! I said lay down! I'm not asking you, I'm telling you...LAY DOWN!

Me, in the living room...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA ( mind you, I can't imagine where she has heard that before! lmao! )

These were just two of the memorable moments that really did happen at my house this week. Oh the joys...

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