Monday, December 5, 2011

Who is YOUR Big Susan?

I'm guest posting over at Who is your Big Susan?. Randi is an IRL friend of mine who I met through a mommy group that I admin'd. She is a single (by choice) mom to a gorgeous redheaded girl who is a couple of weeks older than my Princess. Randi is hilarious and honest with an awesome wit. Her blog is all about friendships starting with her own mom and her best friend, Susan. She talks about how watching that relationship shaped how she views her own relationships and what she values most in her friends. Go follow her now, you seriously won't be sorry!


  1. Thanks Chrissy!!! I'm working on something Diva-licious for your blog.

  2. HI dropping by from

    YOu've got a real cute site!!

    Hope you'll swing by and follow me too!


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