Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Buzz About Me

I'm linking up with From Mommy to Calm Insanity for The Buzz About Me!

The Rules:
1. Write a post with your answers provided to each week's questions
2. Place the button in your post so others can find this link back
3. Have fun and come back every week


This Weeks Questions:
1. If you had to label yourself as to one genre of music you listen to the most, what would it be? Right now, it's pop. I can't get enough! lol

2. What are five items that you always keep in your purse? Camera, lip gloss, gum, sunglasses, keys

3. If you could drink only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? water

4. What are three tv shows you miss watching that are no longer aired? I can't really think of any that I miss!

5. What is one cd your own that people would laugh if you told them you actually bought that? Britney Spears.

6. What is one job/career you told yourself you would never do even if it was your last resort? Anything dealing with poop or puke. No freakin' way.

7. How did you decide on the name{s} of your child{ren}? It was the only name Hubby and I agreed on!

8. What is one show you refuse to miss no matter what? True Blood

9. How many miles would you say you drive in a week? maybe 50-75

10. Who is one celebrity you wish would just go away & disappear off the face of the earth never to return? David Hasselhoff. Seriously.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up and Stuffs 2

This weekend flew by for me, lots of shopping and preparing for the upcoming week. It was hotter than hell...again. Yes, I realize I live in the middle of the freakin' desert, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy the blazing heat during the summer. We have been under 'excessive heat warnings' for the last week and I am so over it. It has consistently been between 112° and 118° in the shade. That's not even the temp when you are actually in the sun. God help me.

Anyway, enough about that! Saturday morning Hubby decided to let me go shopping by myself so I could get it done faster and just get some alone time outside of the house. I have recently taken an interest in 'canning' so I wanted to get the supplies I would need to can my own pasta sauce. I'm also going to be making apple pie filling but that's a post for another day ;).

While I was out running around all day, I decided to stop by Sally's Beauty Supply to look for a mud masque I had seen on The Bargain Blonde. I haven't done a masque in a really long time, so I grabbed this up and at less than $5 it is totally doable.

When I was all done doing my running around, I came home and i couldn't wait to get showered and try this masque out. Of course, my daughter being the Princess she is had to try it out with me.

*Excuse the horrid picture. My daughter needs to get the concept of letting me pose before taking the pic ;)

On Sunday, I decided to bake some fresh bread. Hubby was at work and Princess was off at Mimi and Papa's house for their Sunday lunch date. I made two different kinds of bread and I totally forgot to snap a pic of the second kind. I made Beer Bread using a recipe a friend of mine sent me. Then I made zucchini bread. Both of them are so good!!

Before Princess had gone to my parents house on Sunday she asked if she could bring my little camera to take some pics while she was out. I told her she could and when she got home we uploaded the pics she had taken...this is what I saw...

And on that note, I think I will go stir my sauce and get things ready to start my lasagna for tonight's dinner!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Stalk Friday

Time to stalk! Destiny from Rockin Mama is the hostess with the mostest for this awesome blog hop!

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True Life: I'm a DIY/Home Decor Blogger

It's week 4 of the 8 week series Fabulous But Evil and Mrs. Monologues are hosting, True Life: I'm a Interior Design/DIY/Home Decor blogger.

I don't consider myself much of a DIY'er or into home decor, but I have done a few projects around the house that I am proud to say I did! Obviously there are always going to be things I want to do or change around the house and for the most part, I do them myself (or with the help of Hubby). Here are a few of the projects I have done...Old bathroom and
new bathroom. A mailbox redo and a Princess room redo that is still a work in progress!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

I'm going to join up with Marcie from Obviously Marvelous and Smookie Style for Thirsty Thursday blog hop today!

Here are their rules:

1. Follow your 2 hostesses: Obviously MARvelous and SmookieStyle
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And there you have it!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hooray! It's time for What I'm Loving Wednesday again! Go link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love with your own list of What you are loving today.

MASON JARS! I'm addicted to them these days. Aren't these fun?!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Target Tuesday and A Winner

We have a winner of the My Memories Suite software giveaway! Lauren from Life with Lauren is our winner! Congrats Lauren, I will be contacting you with your code to download your new software!

It's time once again for Target Tuesday with Tara from Fabulous But Evil! You know the drill by now, anything you are loving from Target post up a pic and link up with Tara!

I decided to go with a bed/bath edition today. Not that Hubby would actually agree to these, but I ♥ them!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up and Stuffs

I don't know if y'all are like me and my family, but let's just pretend you are for now, m'kay? When you first meet your special someone you spend all this time together. You go on special dates, you get all dressed up for him, he shaves so his face is nice and smooth...then all the sudden you find yourself married. Now, granted you don't just wake up one day and you are married with no notice...well, not usually anyway! The dressing up and dates and shaving every day become less and less the more everyday life and work and things get in the way. Then you add a baby to that mix and you just want to sleep every chance you get instead of spending time with your hot piece of man candy baby daddy. I can probably count on both hands the number of actual dates Hubby and I have been on since we became parents almost 7 years ago. And I wouldn't even use up all of my fingers.

This past weekend we decided to go on a date. I know, stop the presses! See, my dad, The Cigar Chairman is a cigar nut. The man has hundreds and hundreds AND HUNDREDS more cigars in his humidor at his house. He goes to the cigar shop pretty much everyday except Sunday. Cigars are his hobby, stress relief and just a pure source of enjoyment and relaxation for him. He has made many friends through this hobby as well so that is part of the enjoyment is spending time with his friends at the cigar club. Well the cigar club that he belongs to had an event over the weekend. Usually dad invites Hubby to go up with him if he's not working so they can have a mandate 'manly bonding time'. This time, I thought it would be fun if we did a couples thing instead and so that's what we planned. We dropped Princess off with some great friends of ours who have 3 kids that she loves to play with and off we went to North Scottsdale to the Stag Tobacconist.

This month, they were featuring Casa Magna, Quesada Tributo, and Fonseca Classic cigars. Admittedly, I enjoy smoking cigars occasionally, but I don't know much about them. I usually let my dad or Hubby pick one out for me. The three brands that day were both Nicaraguan and Dominican, and had a cigar for every taste profile (mild, medium, or full-bodied). I myself like the mild cigars. I don't like really 'heavy' = full-bodied taste. So, the rep chose a Fonseca for me. It was mild and creamy. I really enjoyed it.

My mom, Mimi had brought a bottle of wine for us to enjoy in the Members Only Lounge. The cigar shop provides food for these events and drinks, but if you want alcohol you gots ta bring it yoself!

The Chairman and the Hubby hung out with the guys and got to listen to the rep talk about the brands that were featured. I'm sure it was more fun than I am making it sound ;).

After we left there, Hubby and I headed back to our friends house where Princess was. We decided to all do dinner together. They were providing dinner so we brought cupcakes, wine and cigars! Lucky for us, our friends enjoy cigars too so that works out nicely when we want to have some grown up conversation! We can stick the kids inside with toys and a movie and we head to the backyard (of course there is a clear view of the kids from where we sit!). So we had dinner then headed outside for our wine and cigars. We had a lot of laughs and the neighbors are probably wondering about all of us about now, but hey, just cuz we are parents doesn't mean we can't have fun!

Sunday was just errands and laundry, but we had a really good weekend and I was really ready for this morning when things get back to normal with Hubby at work and Princess in school!! I get to spend time reading blogs and goofing off online in peace with only the dog to bug me for anything. This afternoon I am going to head back over to the cigar shop with my dad to help him with his blog so that should be fun ;).

What did y'all do this weekend?

Oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway! There is still time, you have til midnight tonight!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Baby Isn't Such a Baby Anymore

You know how it always seems like everyone around you ages except for just seem to stay the same age? My dad always used to tell me (like when I was around 18 or 19) that he had a hard time treating me like an adult because he didn't feel old enough to have an adult child. I never understood that until recently. See, my parents were really young when they got married and had me. I, on the other hand didn't get married until I was 27 and Princess was born 10 days before my 28th birthday. Obviously I know that my daughter is growing up and getting older but I see it most when I look at pictures.

She started out like this...

Finally, had just brought her home from the hospital

In pre-K by this point

6th birthday party, a Fancy Nancy Tea party theme

To today and the sassy attitude

I finally understand what my dad meant when he said he didn't feel old enough to have an adult child. My daughter will be grown before I know it and I don't feel old enough to even be a mom yet!


SOOC Saturday!

This is a fun one y'all! I love photography so you can imagine how excited I was to find SOOC Saturday from Marvelous Mommy! Basically, you just take a pic and post it, unedited. Then link up with her. You can post an edited version along with your SOOC if you want to but this is just about the SOOC images.

SOOC Saturday

That's all folks! Now you do it!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog Stalk Friday!

It's time for another Blog Stalk Friday hosted by one rad mama, Destiny from Rockin' Mama. Here is what she asks:

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All I ask is for you to rock the fucking button, tweet, or post about this hop!

So get in on it, you will meet some awesome new bloggers to stalk!!


True Life: I'm a Mommy Blogger

So, we meet again! This is the third week of the True Life: I'm a (fill in the blank) blogger series that fabulous but evil and mrs. monologue's co-host. This week is all about Mommy Bloggers!

Hi, I'm Chrissy and I'm a Mommy Blogger. No for real! I have been blogging for a few years now, and my daughter has been a major topic here. Just take for example Exhibit A where I told of her first day of 1st grade. Or take Exhibit B. Or, how about Exhibit C. I could go on and on and get the picture though. My daughter is a very big part of my world and I love talking about her accomplishments or funny things she says or does. Or just how sweet she is to everyone she meets.

I said all that to say, True Life: I'm a Mommy Blogger, yo!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software - Review and Giveaway!


Recently I was contacted by My Memories Suite to do a review of their digital scrapbooking software, they are the #1 rated scrapbook software. Of course, being the scrapbooking nut that I am I said YES!

Now, I am a digital scrapbooking virgin...this is the very first time I have ever used a program to create pages on my computer. I was looking at their website to check out some of their templates and such and really love the designs. I'm a sucker for anything polka dot or girly and these are some of my favorites.

You can create more than just scrapbook pages if scrappin' isn't your thing. You can create just about anything from cards to photo books to videos in addition to the scrapbook pages or albums.

A couple of months ago, my Aunt came out to visit from Connecticut. She and my mom are sisters with my mom being the older sister..shhh don't tell her I said that! It had been a couple of years since they had seen each other, they talk daily on the phone or skype. Anyway, they asked me if I would do a session with them since they have no 'good' pictures of them together. Of course I said yes, I mean c'mon they are two of my favorite women on the face of the planet, of course I was going to do it! We spent a couple of hours and got a lot of great shots so I made a collage of that session using the My Memory Suite software, take a look!

It was so super easy, you can just drag and drop or double click and it automatically sizes your pictures to fit the template. You can add embellishments or text or texture to your template. So many different options all at the click of a mouse!

So, here's the dealio...wanna win your own My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software? Easy peasy! You can enter up to FOUR times for a chance to win!!

For one entry, leave me a comment telling me the name of your favorite digital paperpack or layout from My Memories Suite.

For a second entry follow My Memories Suite on Facebook

For a third entry, follow My Memories Suite's blog

For a fourth entry, follow My Memories Suite on Twitter

Make sure you come back here and let me know when you have done each of these!

That's it! Easy enough right? What are you waiting for?!

If you are interested in buying this software you can use this code STMMMS1558 for $10 off your purchase, with your purchase you will also get a credit of $10 to use in the My Memories store.

A winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced by next Monday the 22nd, you will have 48 hours to contact me for your prize!

*Disclosure Notice - All opinions are 100% mine. I received a copy of this software in exchange for my honest review. I have not received any financial compensation for my review.