Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 In Review

I'm going to just do a quick recap of last year, I don't want to bore anyone with tedious details!

In January, Aunt Tori came to visit from Montana for a few days, that was a lot of fun!

In February, Mama got to help in Hannah's kindergarten class with the Valentine's day party!

In March, Our Summer girl turned 1 year old, we got her doggy cookie to celebrate.

In April, We marched in the Pride Parade in Phoenix as a family with Sean's company PMT who had an ambulance in the parade. We walked ahead of the ambo tossing candy out to the crowds. One of the proudest moments as a mom was seeing my daughter be loving and accepting of families different than hers. ♥

In May, a long time family friend surprised us all by flying in for the day on Mother's day! We hadn't seen her in more than 10 years!

In June, my Aunt Bert (one of my mom's younger sisters) came to visit from Connecticut and we did a fun photo session.

July we celebrated Independence day, Sean's birthday and the first of several massive 'haboob's' that came through the valley.

In August, Hannah started the 1st grade!

In September we started doing Saturday morning's at the Sandbar at Desert Ridge to watch the Iowa Hawkeye football games with a huge crowd of Hawkeye fans!

In October we painted halloween paintings to decorate the house!

In November we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family and some good friends, after dinner we had a bonfire in the backyard and this face appeared in the flames! Creepy! lol

And in December we hosted a Christmas morning brunch for my family and we captured the most awesome family photo!

That is just a snapshot of 2011 in our family! ♥

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