Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? I have been working on mine, not just my 40 by 40 list but a bucket list for the rest of my life. I thought it would be fun to share my bucket list with you guys and we can see what I have already been able to check off and what I still have yet to make happen. Ready? It's a long one!

*These are not in any particular order or anything ;)

try foods I wouldn't normally try
go on a beach date
shop on black friday
shopping spree in Victoria's Secret - no limit on the budget!
shopping spree in Sephora - no limit on the budget!
spend a night in a haunted mansion/hotel
make a snowman
own a louis vuitton purse
ride in a helicopter
have a song written about me
see a broadway play
have a pink christmas tree
get a tattooDONE (3 times for far with a lot more planned!)
visit puerto rico
dance in the rain with my husband
buy my parents a house
shoot a gun Lots of times with hubby
go to a drive in movie with my husband
have a full bar in my house
take a road trip along route 66
go to the macy's christmas parade
go to the macy's thanksgiving parade
travel the world
read all of the harry potter books
fill up a juicy couture charm bracelet
attend a masquerade party
go into the airport and buy a ticket for a random flight
take my mom on the vacation of her dreams
get rid of all the negativity in my life constantly a work in progress
go on vacation by myself
move far away
get a cupcake from georgetown cupcakes in DC
go to the olympics
design and own my dream house
be able to walk really well in heels
shop in new york city
shop in paris
experience new years in paris
go to the superbowl
pay for a strangers groceries
visit all 50 states
ride a mechanical bull
write a book
go snorkeling in the caribbean
learn fluent french
ride on the back of a motorcycle
visit the sistine chapel
have perfect teeth
learn fluent italian
jump off a waterfall
decorate my house with tons of christmas lights (think Clark Griswald!)
donate my hair to locks of love
go on the skydeck in chicago
go on the skywalk at the grand canyon did this in May 2008 with my whole family
go on a cruise
grow my own food
visit italy
spend st patricks day in ireland
visit australia
honeymoon the carribean St Lucia 2004
celebrate mardi gras in new orleans
throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands
run a marathon
learn how to play poker
ride first class on a plane again, on the honeymoon 2004
throw a fabulous pool party done, last 4th of July
celebrate my birthday in vegas with my girlfriends
have a cupcake from sprinkles cupcakes 2011 done
get married done, 2/29/04
have a baby done, 11/20/04
own my dream car
have a no drama christmas first one done 2011 (a lot of them!)

This list is about half of what is on my personal bucket list, what's on yours?

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  1. great bucket list! I just started mine this year!

    Coming from bloggy moms!

  2. Love your list! I, too, would love to have a birthday celebration with the girls in Vegas one year.

  3. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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