Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The DollHouse...

When I was little, my grandpa made me a dollhouse. It was a beautiful, handmade with love dollhouse. He furnished it and decorated it and as I was the only grandchild at that point it was all mine.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have a brother. And then we move across the country from Connecticut to Arizona. Well as you can imagine certain things had to stay behind in such a move. My beloved dollhouse stayed behind in Connecticut at my grandparents house.

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Fast forward many many years down the road and my dollhouse finally makes its way to Arizona when my grandma moved out here after my grandpa passed away. Over the years the dollhouse fell into disrepair as you might imagine with 3 other granddaughters playing with it. Finally when I got it back about 10 years ago it was a shambles. My dollhouse now sits up in the garage on a high shelf waiting for me to give it the Extreme Makeover Home Edition it so desperately needs! Perhaps that would be a good project for me and my daughter to work on now that she's old enough to love it the way I have my whole life...and to appreciate it as the only thing I have left of my grandpa. ♥

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