Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday MIL

Hello friends, I have some pretty deep emotions going on today and really want to share. I've written a little bit about my Mother-In-Law before here, here and here.

Today is Marilyn's birthday...or was I should say. That means that the 3rd anniversary of her passing is right around the corner. She died 4 days after her birthday. They always say that people tend to die around important dates for some reason. I have always wondered why. In the case of MIL, she held on til her birthday had passed and we had gotten through that and then she passed.

It has been 3 years that she's been gone and every Sunday when we get ready to make our phone call to Sean's dad I think to myself, 'we can't forget to call mom'...and then I realize she's gone and has been gone for a long time. There are still days when I want to call her and tell her about Hannah and the newest thing Hannah has said or done. Hannah was her one and only grandchild and she adored her.

I am so grateful for the time that we got to spend with her the last few months of her life, even if they were clouded with her not being able to remember who were all the time or the constant state of grief we were in knowing she could die at any day really. They were special because we got to spend so much time with her and just really show her how much we love her. She got to snuggle in bed with Hannah almost everyday and watch tv together. Or color, or take walks or watch movies.

I know that MIL is still here in the house with us, yes, my house is haunted and I don't mind a bit. I know that none of the ghosts here are out to hurt any of us or scare us. Just today I was home alone and the house was quiet except for the sound of feet shuffling down the hall from MIL's old room to the bathroom. It was exactly the sound that she used to make when she was alive and would walk from her room to the bathroom. It comforts me to know that she is still here with us. I think it comforts all of us.

So Mom, Happy birthday to you! We love you and miss you terribly!


  1. aww that's a great post!! Happy Birthday to your Mother In Law =)

  2. Happy birthday to her! Love the last picture of her.,,so beautiful!! Birthdays and anniversaries are always tough. We just lost my husbands grandma 5 days after her birthday just 2 days before Christmas. Hope today and the days that follow aren't too bad for you and the family....hang in there:)


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