Friday, January 13, 2012

I Confess...


I Confess...that I am really looking forward to tonight, it's Mom's Night In at my friend Randi's house. There will be some of my favorite women, wine or some other type of alcohol and plenty of laughs.

I Confess...that it's probably not the best idea to be out all night and drinking and snacking with friends when I have a weigh-in the next morning, but that's life. I know that I have eaten well and worked out and that if the scale doesn't reflect that this Saturday then it will next week. And I'm ok with that.

I Confess...I never used to 'get' Twitter. Until the last few months and then wham! I get it and I'm on it all the time. lol

I Confess...I don't know why I always forget til like 9 at night that I haven't taken my picture for the project 365

I Confess...sticking to a budget it a hell of a lot harder than it looks.

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  1. I HATED Twitter when I first started...look at me now! ;)

  2. Still hate twitter, still don't get it.

    But I am looking forward to tonight.


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