Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Lost It...

Have you guys ever lost anything? I'm not just talking about the lbs here...I mean really lost something. Not misplaced, not that you just can't find is lost and gone forever kind of lost?

You know those gorgeous diamond heart pendant necklaces that almost every married or engaged woman has? I had one once. Sean had given me a gorgeous diamond heart pendant necklace before we got married. I wore it almost every day. When we got married I wore it on the honeymoon to St Lucia. While we were in St Lucia, we stayed at a Sandals resort (loved every second of it BTW!) and I wore the necklace every single day we were there. Except the last day.

I had packed everything and I put my beloved necklace in a zipper compartment in one of our suitcases. I knew exactly where it was and checked and double-checked several times to make sure it was there before we loaded the last of our things and headed for the airport. Somewhere between St Lucia and LAX my necklace was stolen. Well, at least I believe it was stolen since there was a TSA pamphlet indicating that they had searched the bag once we had gotten into the states in my suitcase when I got to my in-laws house in Southern California.

To say that I was upset was an understatement. I mean seriously, the TSA is given such a huge task of making sure the skies are safe to travel by checking bags and they think that stealing from peoples luggage is ok? That is just wrong. Clearly I am still upset over this! haha Anyway, I did learn my lesson that I will never again pack jewelry or anything of value in a checked bag. Trust.


  1. sorry that sucks :( Maybe when they searched you bag it fell out? (I just like to think a TSA agent wouldn't actually steal it!)

  2. That's awful! So awful. I probably would have filed a complaint or something.

    My worst experience was a bottle of perfume broke and spilled all over my least they smelled good.


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