Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Really Shouldn't Have...

Do you have ever moments of regret after you buy something? Like I'm not talking about buyers remorse on big things like a house or a car or maybe that really great COACH bag you've had your eye on...I'm talking about small things. Things that you know aren't good for you but you just can't resist!

I had one of those moments over Christmas. I was at Costco minding my business getting everything I needed for our big family brunch on Christmas morning. I had to get eggs in the giant refrigerator...I got my eggs and I turned around to leave and then I saw it...

A GALLON sized jug of Eggnog. Ah, Christmas I've missed you!

I may or may not have a slight addiction to eggnog. I don't know why. I just do. It's so good and creamy and delicious! So I snatched up that gallon jug and headed on my merry way!

Now, really I know that not everyone shares my love of eggnog so I could have easily gotten by with the small container of eggnog to get us through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...but no, I had to go and get greedy and get the big honkin' jug! D'oh! Hopefully next time I will show some restraint and just get the small container...

Oh and BTW, you can find me guest posting over at Sneakers over Stilettos I'm sharing my Top 3 Reasons to Live in the Desert! Such a fun post, I really enjoyed writing it and filling in for Amber while she works on a special project!

I'm also guest posting over at Obviously-MARvelous taking part in the big Maternity Event Marcie has going on in honor of her sister who is pregnant with her first baby! I'm sharing my experience with ultrasounds and how wrong they can be! You don't want to miss either of these posts so go check them out and leave some comment love! C'mon, you know you wanna!!


  1. I totally snorted when I read this. I have to resist buying ANY egg nog, much less the Costco-size container. If I drink too much, you'll find me passed out on a couch somewhere, and that's WITHOUT alcohol. So I steal it a shot at time from MIL.

  2. I love eggnog not sure if I would buy that size. lol I am a new follower from the Bloggy Moms Hop.

  3. More power to you that is one thing I can't drink.

  4. LOL, I woulda totally bought that. In fact at the Safeway they were clearancing the Egg Nog out that wasn't expiring until February and I bought a few of them. I'm thinking though I may make some recipes with them, not just to consume straight from the bottle. Though I may do that too ;)


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