Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living Room Re-Do

Hello Lovelies!

This weekend has been a bit of a crazy, chaotic time in our house. We rearranged the living room, which also carried into the dining room a bit. We recently got a new TV for the living room (my first time ever purchasing a new TV but that's a post for another day) and it was delivered the other day. So, hubby got off work early yesterday and we decided to hook up the new TV and to do that we had to rearrange the furniture and take everything off the walls.

I forgot to take 'before' pics, so I just have these after pictures, but we aren't completely done with the re-do yet so there will be more pictures eventually.

The couch was on the wall that the TV is now on and the way we have the room now, it seems SOO much bigger than it was! Shocking how that works.. Anyway, I am wanting to change up the decor in the living room since rearranging and getting the new TV so I wanted to see what y'all think of what my plans are. See all that empty wall space on both the wall where the couch is and the wall with the TV? Yeah, it is so empty it's killing me. This is what I want to do on the wall where the couch is...

I have a french door in the garage that needs some sanding and painting and then I plan to clean up the window panes. I need to find the pictures I want to put in the panes to use as a frame and then I can hang that on the wall over the couch. But I really love this idea.

As for what I want to do on the wall where the TV is, this is where I need the most help. I love crayon art and think it would look really 'cute' but I'm in my mid-30's and is 'cute' really what I want for my living room? I want something more sophisticated but don't know exactly what...

I also really love the look of these and would love to have something like these in my living room...

My other issue is the other wall that is the entry from the dining room into the living room. There is a cable and a surround sound speaker on this wall and I would like to paint just that wall a darker color to sort of help the cord and speaker to blend into the wall. I'm leaning towards like a dark grey color like this...

We are also thinking of painting the other two walls (TV and Couch walls) just on the bottom half with this same color and putting a chair rail type thing in the middle of the wall and leaving the tops of the walls the light color they are now. See, I need lots of help! What would you do with this room?

Have a great evening lovelies!


  1. Re-arranging rooms and furniture is something I love doing. It makes things just feel refreshed and new. And the new tv is awesome! I love new electronics. Things are looking great. Once you get everything done, it'll be so nice

  2. Fun! I honestly think the crayon art is cute but not for a living room. I think it would go better in a kids room or maybe office area. I really like the other artwork you picked out though!

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