Saturday, January 14, 2012


So I've been back on Weight Watchers for 2 full weeks. I would say I've been pretty successful. I have tracked every single thing I eat or drink. I have exercised. I have eaten really healthy good foods. And then I went to Mom's Night In last night and ate and drank things that were not the greatest for me (especially the night before a weigh in) but I am not going to stop going out with my friends just because the scale might not reflect the hard work I put in the rest of the week.

I admit, I did sleep right through my alarm this morning to get up for my early WW meeting, but I got up and got myself ready and went to the second one they have on Saturday's. The progress I have made is not on the scale this week. It is in my attitude. I knew the scale wouldn't be kind this morning and instead of just skipping the whole thing this week from oversleeping and knowing I would show a gain, I got up and I went anyway. That to me is a HUGE success!

Here are my stats and photos for this week:

Inches lost - 2
Pounds lost - up .8

Our topic this week is Planning, do you plan your meals? What do you do to help yourself get through the week making the healthiest choices you can make?

My goal for this week is to stick to my menu plan and if I'm going to be out and about to plan on bringing good snacks so I don't get in trouble with being hungry and then just picking some junk food instead of pre-planning and making a healthy decision.

Go get out and do something good for your health!


  1. I am starting to do a weight watchers TYPE of thing, only the changes I need to to be successful! I'm glad you did good all week, you can't not have fun just because food might be involved!

    What always helped me, & i'm going to actually try to avoid it this time even though it worked... is eating the already made- lean cuisine type meals. I lost 30 pounds last time.. but I don't feel like it helped me much because they were already portioned out for me... so I want to try that this time around!

  2. 2 inches is great. I found that having my meals planned helps me stay on track with my weight loss. I do Slimfast. I try to select snacks that have protein in them as well as good nutrition.


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