Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Much TV...

Is there really such a thing as too much TV? What side of the fence are you on in this debate?

We recently got rid of our DirecTV...I know, the horror! It has been about 2-3 weeks now without it and can I tell you a secret? Come close...closer...closer...ok, the secret is that not only are we not spending $100+ a month on satellite TV we are spending more time reading, talking, eating at the table (instead of in front of the TV), outside, taking walks/bike rides. Something else, we are eating less! I'm serious! Hear me out...all three of us in my family are not mindlessly snacking because we are bored while we watch TV anymore. We have internet where we catch up on the shows we really like either on HULU or through the networks they are on. We also have Netflix for movies and other shows and cartoons.

Normally when Hannah would be off school she would want to do nothing but sit inside and watch TV..which led to constant snacking because she was bored. I tried to explain to her that she didn't need to have a snack every time she watched TV - that the desire to snack came from being bored more than from being hungry. She would look at me like I had grown a second head. Now, all of the sudden since we have gotten rid of satellite, she doesn't ask for snacks every time a new show starts or every time she turns on the Netflix. She knows that she gets one or two shows after school (once homework is done while I am making dinner or whatever) and that's pretty much it. So now instead of hours and hours of the TV being on just as background noise or having us lay around like bumps on a log, we are playing games, going on walks, going for a picnic, playing hopscotch in the driveway.

To me this seems like a win-win situation, no?


  1. I agree! I feel the same about video games too! My kids actually have an imagination and enjoy playing outside or with action figures and I like that. They are little, they don't need to be sitting around in front of the tv

  2. Now following from Blog Dare. Love the blog and can not wait to read more. Following Via Facebook, NB and GFC.



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