Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vacation 2012

We haven't taken many family vacations, but I'm hoping this year is the year that all changes. See, we are trying really hard to get out of debt and so any extra money we have had we've tried to throw on paying down our debts. Late last year we were able to get one credit card completely paid in full and gone. We are really close to having another one done and gone. That will still leave a huge chunk of debt (both credit card and student loan) to pay on, so we are trying to be wise about how we spend our money. Vacations haven't seemed like the most wise use of those funds when we have so much debt hanging over our heads so we just haven't taken many.

Since we are doing so well paying things off we would like to take a nice vacation this year as a family back to Iowa where Hubby is from.

See, Hubby is from a really small farm town in north eastern Iowa - Mt Vernon. His family has deep roots there, all of his family has gone to college at Cornell (college, not Cornell University in NY) in Mt Vernon. His grandpa worked at Cornell, his Dad worked at Cornell and it's Sean's dream to move us back there and to work at Cornell himself.

Sean has an aunt and uncle who are on the board at Cornell and who donate a lot of time and money to the college. In the spring there will be a groundbreaking ceremony for the new 'Commons' student area on the campus that will be named for Sean's grandparents, Cecil and June Thomas. The family is hoping to have all of Cecil and June's children and grandchildren at the ground breaking and then again for the grand opening later on. The ground breaking is coming up in May so we would really like to be able to make it out for that and have a little mini vacation while we are there.

I love Mt Vernon. The town, the people, the history of my husband's family in this small town. I have talked before about our 2 week trip to Mt Vernon a couple of years ago. It was an awesome vacation with a not so awesome reason we had to take it in the first place (MIL's passing). I talked about it here, here and here.

Hopefully, this is just one of the 2-3 mini vacations I will be taking my family on this year!


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  3. As long as you aren't coming this way right's FREEZING!

  4. that sounds like an awesome vacation! I always wanted to go to Rhode Island to visit my husbands family... BUT this year they moved here to be by us!!!


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