Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wanna Play Dentist

I have a really good friend that I met through a mommy group I used to be the admin for here in Phoenix. We met when our babies were babies, literally her second born was only a couple of months old. Our older kids are about a year apart with her son being older than Hannah. We would meet up at the mall play area when we first met and then as we got to know each other better started getting together at each others' homes with the whole family. Luckily our husbands get along and consider each other friends. The kids of course get along for the most part but are kids after all so they have their disagreements. Overall though there are more laughs than fights or tears when we all get together.

After 4 years of friendship and countless time spent together we obviously have many funny stories, but there is one in particular that still cracks us up to this day. Allow me to share...

It was summertime in Phoenix and our car needed some working on and lucky for us, Isaac is a mechanic who will help Sean with car repairs for the cost of a pizza and beer for our families to share. We had driven out to their house in a neighboring city and the guys were out working on the car in the garage. Harmony and I were in the living room chilling and talking and the kids of course were off playing. From where we were sitting in the living room we had a clear view to the room the kids were playing in. After a while we watched Hannah climb on top of the changing table and lay down. Obviously this grabbed our attention so we kept watching. The next thing we knew, Dylan climbed up and lifted Hannah's dress and was poking around her belly button. We both were like, ah kids what are you doing? The answer they gave still cracks us up...'we are playing dentist and Hannah's the patient' came the reply. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH

Thankfully, we didn't have to have 'the talk' with our little ones quite yet although we did mention that dentists do work in your mouth, not under your skirt!

Hard to believe our little babies are now in 1st and 2nd grade!

We have another play date set for Thursday so I'm sure there will be more fun memories and stories to share soon!


  1. That is absolutely hilarious. So funny what kids come up with.

  2. The things kids do. And the dentsist of all things. Ha! That's great that you formed a friendship like that, too.


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