Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Confessional


I Confess...I love my 'me' time while Princess and Hubby are at school and work.

I Confess...I'm so anxious to get our tax refund back so we can get caught up on some bills. I hate being behind.

I Confess...I'm looking to go back to work at least part time so Hubby can go to nursing school...but I really don't wanna go back to work unless it's something I know I will love.

I Confess...I've been a bad blogger this week! Only a couple of posts this week..I'm such a slacker! haha

I Confess...what I would really love to do with our tax return is go SHOPPING! lol

I house needs to be cleaned yet here I sit blogging away.

What do you have to confess this week? Go link up with Mamarazzi!


  1. Oh the things I could do with our tax return!! But like you- I will be putting it towards bills! Boo! And my favorite part of the day is when hubby is at work, daughter is in school and lil man is at German daycare! best 4 hours of my day!

  2. I confess I don't really want to go back to work either. A moms work is never done. I spend all this time raising the girlies when they are little, then I go back to work when they are teenagers and get into the most troubles ever? No thank you!

  3. Great confessions! Hopping over from Mamarazzi! We put our tax returns back so that we can pay our mortgage. That is the only thing that saved our home this year!

  4. fab confessions doll! i blog to avoid housework too and i like when i am home alone, sometimes!

    thanks for linking up!!


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