Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guest Post - Art

I'm so excited to have Amber from Sneakers over Stiletto's guest posting for me today, y'all are gonna love her!

Hello A Lil Dash Of Diva readers. I am Amber I blog over at Sneakers Over Stilettos. Chrissy recently wrote a post for me while I was working on a fashion project. Her post was photography related on why she loves living in Arizona. So sticking with a similuar theme I thought I would show some macro photography shots I took a little while ago.
I love macro photography, the details that a 100mm f/1.2 lens can pick up is just amazing! Investing in a 100mm lens can be pricey. I was forunate enough to be gifted one. There are lots of ways to achieve the macro look with out giving up a lot of money. A 50mm lens and a teleconverter will work, and there also adaptor rings on the market like these ones that will convert a lens into a macro. Just make sure to get the right brand for your camera.   
Before I started my photography business, on rainy days I would just fill my need to take photos of something by taking shots of random things around my home. When ever it rains or snows my son Ethan loves seeing Mama scamble to get outside on our deck and get some photos of the rain, or hail, or in this case snow!
I was intriqued by the shape of this bowl. Thats my favorite thing about photography, everyone will see something different as unqiue or interesting.
I took this shot because I was curious what sugar looked like really up close. I also thought that the colours would make for a nice piece of art.
My dog Prada loves to sleep, she has what I think to be the sweetest little nose. This is probably my favorite macro shot I have ever taken.
These little flowers and moss grows around our townhouse every year. I love the lines that my lens picked up. The texture in these shots always makes my heart melt a little when I look at them.
Well I hope you liked seeing a little bit of how I view the world. Which most of the time is looking at those little things that a lot of people will just walk by. If you would like to see more of my photography and Mama-hood adventures I hope you will wander over to Sneakers Over Stilettos and see what kind of things we get into!
Thanks Chrissy for having me guest post. Loved filling in for you! xo!/mamberlee


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