Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post - Valentine's

Today's guest post is from my friend Nikki over at Southern Mama with a Bad Mouth! Thanks so much Nikki!!

Hi I'm Nikki. I blog over at Southern Mama with a Bad Mouth.


Being that Valentines Day is right around the corner and that's all about mushy love and crap. I wanna share some things that I love.

Promise I'll won't make it too mushy for y'all.

My tablet and my phone. 
I love them every much.
oh yeah and cupcakes!

I love my some pretty make-up.
I can't go a day without putting on something.

So true!
I have to eat me at least 2 bowls a day!

My blog.
and my bloggy friends.
Y'all keep me going sometimes. 

I love love love them. 
Just wish I had the money for more!
I take donations! LOL.

Holy Pink Batman!
I have had a love affair with pink for some time now.
The hubs knows if he buys me something pink, 
I'll be happy for days!

Now in true Valentines Day Fashion 
I love this man right here.
This will be our 4th Valentines day together! 
I love him from the bottom of my heart.
I don't show him as much love as I should.
He's amazing.
He works so hard and deserves a hot dinner every day and to be greeted at the door with me in something sexy holding a drink.
Hahaha Maybe one day.

Happy Valentines Day People!


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