Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beauty Before & After

Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying some time outside now that Spring has SPRUNG!

I decided the other day that it might be fun to do a beauty before and know, show y'all my normal everyday beauty routine and what I look like before ...and ah, after. lol

Just trying to keep it real up in here ya know...I know I don't wake up looking glamorous and it takes a bit of work but not too much cuz I'm really not that high maintenance anymore. I used to be really high maintenance before I had used to take me upwards of 2 hours to get myself ready and 3 or more if I was going to curl my hair. That seems crazy to me now! haha

Here we go ladies - Before and After

This is pretty much my go-to makeup for everyday. If I'm going out with the girls, or on a date with my husband I will spice things up and add some fun eye shadow or fake lashes...or both. But let's face it, I'm a stay at home mom...I don't see anyone during the day once I drop Hannah off at school until I go pick her up again in the afternoon. So I really don't go all out for daytime when I'm just at home.

So here are the products I use:

1. Loreal Studio Secrets Primer
2. LORAC tinted moisturizer
3. E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer
4. NYC Color Wheel Blush
5. E.L.F. Translucent Face Powder
6. E.L.F. Eyebrow kit
7. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
8. E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara
9. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Generally I use all of these products everyday, sometimes I change up the gloss color, but literally everything else is the same. What products do you find yourself using daily? I would love to try some new products without breaking the bank so tell me, what are your favorite products?

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