Friday, March 16, 2012

I Confess...


I Confess...I am not at all ready for the next step in the fertility stuff. I have an hsg scheduled for next week and I'm so not looking forward to this. I've heard it's really uncomfortable and I have already been through so many uncomfortable tests I am really just not looking forward to another.

I Confess...I don't mind being around new babies but its the pregnancy announcements that kill me. Not that I'm not sincerely happy for friends who are expecting but its like a dagger in the heart every time another announcement is made.

I Confess...I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed at the thought in a few months time we might be pregnant after trying for 6 years.

I Confess...I am also feeling a tad overwhelmed that I have my daughter all to myself for a whole week for Spring Break. I don't know if both of us will make it out alive.

I Confess...I am totally gonna be livin' it up and celebrating my Irish roots tomorrow for St Patrick's Day!

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  1. girl our confessions are similar this week. it is an uncomfortable test but it will also give you good answers and you can make a plan accordingly. which is nice. good luck!!

    thanks for confessing and linking up!

  2. Hugs and Baby Dust your way,I know the feeling of lost hope on some days when that test pops negative :( Just keep positive and keep that head up!!

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  3. :( I'm hoping you aren't mad at me.
    And what does this next test consist of? I know nothing is comfortable at the doctors but what are they going to do on a HSG? I really hope everything starts to work out for you :(
    And you and my husband have the same thing. One week with the child during spring break. I think they are going to drive each other insane while I'm at work all day.

  4. I know how that feels when you see another baby annoucement. I had a couple miscarriages and it seemed everyone at work was announcing their pregnancy and then right after my first miscarriage one of my good friends has a baby girl. Seeing the baby for the first time was rough but I was still so happy for her. good luck later this week and hope its not that bad.

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! def wish you luck with the fertility thing! i can not even imagine how stressful things must be for you!


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