Monday, March 5, 2012

Photowalkin' Downtown Phoenix

Wow, ok, so I have decided I really REALLY hate wordpress. So I'm back to my beloved blogger...but for serious google you best not be locking me out of this here lil' blog again, capiche?

Now, where were we? Oh right, I am being featured tomorrow over at my girl Nikki's blog for her Working Girl series, you should pop over and check me out...there may or may not be pictures of beautiful naked or nearly naked people...maybe. =)

Working Girls

As for what's been going on around these parts, well a TON! Apart from all the lovely fertility testing and nonsense that goes along with that we have been trying to decide what exactly we want to do with the front yard. See, we have (had) this little short wall looking thing in the front yard and it was annoying. It was old and falling apart...sort of like me, but worse.

Well, we talked to our landlord...who just happens to be my dad and he said go ahead and tear the sucker we (and by we I mean my husband while I supervised) did.

Doesn't that look so much better?!! I know! Now, the plan is to have a stucco guy come and fill in that chunk that is missing on the wall and then we are going to be building a wooden fence/rail thingy that will go on the cement thing that is still in the ground. We also want to build a pergola over the front door/patio area. We will be removing all of the rock from under that front window by the door and putting down pavers so we can have an actual front porch with chairs and such on it. We will be planting flowers and ground cover and maybe a shrub or two that will be in front of the wooden fence/rail thingy...eventually. And again, when I say WE will be doing all of this I really mean Hubby will be doing it while I supervise and look pretty.

So that was our Saturday. On Sunday we decided to hop on the lightrail and head our buns on downtown to take a photowalk as a family. It was a gorgeous day in the Valley of the Sun at about 75° and sunny.

We walked and talked and snapped picture...

after picture...

after picture.

The buildings and architecture of old buildings is so fascinating to me.

I love the vibe of downtown Phoenix with its sculptures and skyscrapers...the feel of old historic buildings against the new modern updates that are taking place all over.

One of my favorite buildings downtown is the historic Hotel San Carlos. With its French bistro on the ground floor and the gold stars on the sidewalk surrounding the building like our own Hollywood Walk of Fame...celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Carey Grant used to stay at this hotel.

The old courthouse, the new courthouse, all the history of the city is evident right in those few blocks of downtown Phoenix. I love being reminded of the great things about my city and of course passing these things on to my daughter who walked right along with me and took her own pictures of the city. ♥


  1. great pics!!! I had to return to blogger too...wordpress was way to slow for took like 5 minutes just for my post editor to load- grr!! Hopefully I don't have any more issues with blogger either!

  2. Thanks Nichole! Yeah WP was that way for me too. I just couldn't stand it anymore. lol


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