Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Is Me...

This Is Me.

This is the REAL me.  This is the me that was so tired I didn't take off my makeup before I went to bed last night.  This is the me that has 2 baskets of laundry waiting to be put away.  This is the me that lives in a tank top and yoga pants almost every day - all day.  

This is the me that tries really hard to be the best wife and mom I can be, yet I fail daily.  This is the me that tries to keep my house spotless but there is no possible way it ever happens for more than one day in a row ;).  This is the me that has so many ideas about things I want to do for others yet I never seem to be able to do most of them for one reason or another (mostly lack of money!).  

This is the real me.  This is who I am without any filters or fronts.  This is who I am when its just me and no one else is looking.  This is the woman I am when I am laying in bed at night and can't sleep because I'm worried about how my daughter will view herself as she gets older and if I am doing enough to let her know she is beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, generous and WORTHY of every good thing she dreams about.

The real me is trying to remember that I am beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, generous and worthy of every good thing I dream about too.


  1. I feel that way too every day...trying to do the best thing but always end up feeling that I have failed. But I guess that just how moms operate, don't you think? :) Thanks for the inspiration. Yes, I think we should never forget to remind our self how worthy we are (beautiful, funny, intelligent, etc).

  2. You are so no alone in feeling those things. You deserve everything wonderful!

  3. I also feel that way sometimes maybe that is how it feels when we are aging...


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