Monday, March 5, 2012

Weight Loss Progress

Happy Sunday my lovely friends! I hope you've all had a relaxing Well then at least I hope its been filled with fun and laughter!

I'm finally back in the right mindset after the last 2 weeks of being really thrown for a loop with all the pressure from the RE to lose so much weight in a short amount of time. I'm one of those people that when you tell me I HAVE to do something it automatically means I will do the exact opposite. Even if it is for my own good, I know, I'm only hurting myself by doing that and I am trying to work on that.

I met up with a close friend of mine for lunch the other day, I had asked her if she would help me come up with a good workout and eating plan since she is a yoga instructor/personal trainer and knows her &*@% about nutrition too. She said she'd be happy to and so we met up to go over what she came up with. Let me just say that she is the best!! She did some research on PCOS and the best ways to treat it naturally (diet and exercise) and came up with a sort of modified diabetic diet - the low glycemic diet. For me, I will be focusing more on the glycemic load of foods than the glycemic index. Which I found a great app for my iPhone that tracks the GL of everything! Really helpful!

I have a workout plan set and I am really excited to get to it. I will be doing a lot of cardio, but changing it up so its not the same cardio everyday and I am also going to be doing yoga and more strength training than I was before. Hopefully the combination of the GL and this new workout plan will jumpstart my weight loss and help keep things moving along.

I will say though, I have not worked out or eaten great the last 2 weeks and it has shown in my numbers. I'm not beating myself up over it, it is what it is and I take responsibility for it - I'm just laying it out there and being honest for the sake of full disclosure ;) So on that note, here are this week's pictures and stats.

LBs - +3
Inches - 0

I have a lot of cleaning and laundry to get done today, but I am going to make an effort to get outside and do something fun and healthy with my daughter today. What are you going to do for you today?

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  1. Getting the right supplements is tough, like you said. Also figuring out which ones to get are areas I’ve found the most difficult. What resources do you encourage people to follow to find out which supplements to take?


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