Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weight Loss Progress

Hello Lovely Friends! I hope you've been having a great weekend so far!

I was sick on Friday but was feeling better by Saturday, just in time for us to run a bunch of errands and do some yard work. We bought some flowers and mulch for the front flower bed in front of that non-wall I showed pics of last week...

That's what it looked like before we planted flowers, and now this is what it looks like with a few flowers. We will be adding more flowers under the honeysuckle, putting some lattices behind the honeysuckle to grow on and then possibly adding 2 shrubs to either end of the flower bed...I'm not totally sold on that yet but we'll see.

We also looked at replacing our front door and the window at the front of the house too. All the windows in our house are from when the house was built like 30 years single pane not good for summer in Phoenix. So we would like to start replacing the windows to more energy efficient, double pane windows. Fun stuff! lol

Now for the weight loss update...there really isn't one. I am still struggling. Big time. I went for a walk the other day and felt great, but then I was sick and my equilibrium has been a little wonky so I haven't wanted to go for a walk or do any hard workouts. Now that I'm feeling better I am going to go for another walk today and I am still just trying to make one healthy decision at a time. It is so much harder to get back on the wagon when you've fallen off. Gah. So that's my update - I know, not much of an update. Hopefully next weeks update will be good! lol

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  1. The flowers are darling. I miss having flowers all in a row. I bet they will look very awesome come summer. Sorry you haven't been feeling very well :( I just got over being sick as well. Not fun and I'm the same with the weight update. It's come back a bit and now I'm getting a little less motivated each day. But I can't give up and neither can you :)


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