Monday, March 5, 2012

You Want Me To Do What?

Hai y'all!  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Warning, this post is going to be dealing with vagina's and periods and if you don't wanna know about that you should probably turn around and go the other way about now!  Got a morbid curiosity?  Great!  Stick around!

Today was a big day in the fertility journey.  We started out with our appointments with the fertility doc.  Hubby was up first (hahahaha no pun intended, seriously!) with his 'deposit' for the semen analysis.  Obviously he went back on his own and did his thing while I waited for my appointment for my ultrasound.  They called me back only a few minutes after he went back.  I have had a vaginal ultrasound before so I knew what to expect, but honestly this time it was a little uncomfortable when he was moving it around up in there and I don't know exactly why.  He did show me my ovaries and all the cysts on them, so it was clear to him that I do in fact have PCOS.  He also showed me the huge lining that has built up in my uterus since I haven't had a period in 3 months.  This is totally normal for patients with PCOS to go months at a time without periods.

After the ultrasound was over, the doctor told me that he would be doing a biopsy next to determine if there are any cancerous cells in the uterine lining.  Patients with PCOS have a higher rate of uterine cancer because the lining doesn't get shed monthly like in patients who have normal cycles.  So before we can go any further in this process of trying to get pregnant he has to make sure I'm healthy and don't have any cancer or pre-cancerous cells up in my biznass!

So once I was allowed to get dressed again, I met back up with Hubby and the doctors nurse to go over the next step.  First up was a blood pregnancy test to make sure I'm not pregnant now before the biopsy.  Obviously, they won't do a biopsy if I am pregnant already, but hello, if I am already pregnant why in the hell would I be needing to go to an RE to begin with?!  So right after the ultrasound they took some blood for the pg test.  Then we scheduled my biopsy for next week.  Then we talked about how we are not allowed to have S.E.X. until 48 hours AFTER the biopsy.  Fun times.

After that was over we made our way over to the lab so I could get 6 more vials of blood taken for all the other blood work the Doc had ordered.  Lord.  I was like really?  Do I get to keep any of my blood, at all?  I walked out of there with bandages on both arms looking like a drug addict with tons of track marks.  Ok, not really but I did have both arms bandaged from them sticking me in each arm to get all the blood they needed.  I was worn out, and I hadn't eaten since dinner last night because I needed to be fasting for the labs today.  So I made hubby take me out to Carolina's (mexican) for lunch.  It is like the best mexican food in Phoenix! haha

It was an emotional day with these appointments, but we are moving in the right direction.  I gotta say I will be super happy when I am done with the testing and get some answers.  I obviously am hopeful that the only problem they will find is the PCOS/weight issue.  But if they do find something else wrong with either one of us we will deal with it and even if we don't ever have another baby, we are doing things that will ultimately be good for us health wise and that is the most important thing.

So that's it for this week's tests!  Amen and hallelujaz!

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