Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday


Welcome to another edition of Dirty Secret Saturday. This is a linky party just for you. To get all those secrets off your chest. It can be funny, it can be heatbreaking, it can be real. It just has to be all yours. We want all the dirt. All that we ask in return is you give us some bloggy love, and share this button on your post. Then let all your friends via Twitter and Facebook know, we are partying it up over here!

Your hosts are:

Megan from Absolute Mommy

Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby

and Me,A Lil Dash Of Diva

Let's get down to business shall we...

Ok, here it is...I have learned that I can't stay on top of my house, laundry and working out and blog on the same days. Seriously, I have been a terrible blogger the last couple of weeks and it's because I have been staying on top of all my chores and laundry and working out. Plus just spending time with my family instead of being online. Which leaves me no time for blogging. So I'm trying to get a system in place that will make it better to manage all these things! haha

I can't believe I am admitting this, but I haven't put makeup on in days. Not a bit of makeup at all in days. Normally I don't leave the house with at least gloss, blush and mascara but I haven't felt like putting even that on when I go somewhere. It's been super hot already and I don't feel like having anything more on me than I absolutely have to! haha

We knew this one was coming...I'm ready for my long hair again. The short hair is driving me crazy. So yep, time to grow it back out. lol My daughter wants her long hair back too so I guess we are both growing it back out now. ;)

I don't know if I've 'confessed' this before or not, but I wear my crocs out of the house sometimes. GASP! I know! Turn me in to Stacy and, really! Please?! lol I have plantar fasciitis in one of my feet and literally the only pair of shoes I own that helps it to not be super painful to walk is my crocs. So if I'm having a particularly bad flare up I will wear nothing but my crocs...everywhere.

Come link up with us and spill your Dirty Little Secrets!


  1. I find it hard to manage time as well! Let me know if you find a system that works!!

  2. New follower from Dirty Secret Saturday! I will be hosting my first ever Mom's Monday Mingle tomorrow. Hope you can link up!

    You have a great blog. Love the design!

  3. Thank you for your candor!! I needed some of that today! My maternal grandmother used to say "You'll never regret looking your best". While I don't disagree with the idea, it's just so difficult to get it all done AND look my best. I bet Grandma is smiling though when she sees me hugging my children... with our without make up! ;-) Marci

  4. I agree with you...sometimes it's just easier to go out "the easy way". when I was pregnant with my fourth, I wore my slippers everywhere for the last month. EVERYWHERE. lol

  5. I feel the same way about blogging right now!! I'm so behind because I did laundry for 5 days straight! Dude it's do bad!!


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