Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happiness to me is...

Happy Sunday! I was thinking today...what are some things that make me happy? Things that don't necessarily cost a lot of money or that I have to leave the house to enjoy and here is what I came up with. Granted, some of these things DO cost money though! haha

My iPhone4, never leave home without it ;)

Ah, nail polish!

One of my favorite stores!

Sweet iced tea!

Makeup. I cannot get enough.

My camera. Do I want a new camera and some new lenses, sure but I sure do love what I currently have!

Hockey makes me happy. I just love it. My team is the Red Wings but if you set me in front of a hockey game I don't really care who is playing! lol

Of course, the things not on this list that bring me happiness are my family and friends...but I figured that went without saying!


  1. Nail Polish! This is my newest little pick me up, a fresh polish change is such an inexpensive way to immediately improve my mood.

  2. I'm seriously right there with you on the iPhone. It is the love of my life

  3. makeup and nail polish make me happy too! :)

  4. Lipstick and new underpants. both make me happy and I love to show them both off. Not always appropriate and not necessarily in that order.

  5. My husband and I just got iphones last August and we are obsessed, they are way better than the blackberry. We will never have any other kind:)) And yes LOVE sweet tea!!!!

  6. I love your happy list too--but have you noticed a change in F21's clothing? I feel like it used to be better quality. When I went in the other day, I couldn't find anything...maybe it was an off day. Great list!!


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